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Samsung Executive Briefing Center- 'Transform the Way you Work -focusing on Healthcare and Education'

Samsung is very excited to welcome the WATCH delegates in their state-of-the art Samsung Executive Briefing Center. In this recently opened Center, Samsung is exhitibing products and partner solutions. Focus of the Center is on Industry, Retail, Hospitality, Education and Healthcare. Visiting the Samsung Executive Briefing Center is an experience that goes beyond a showcase of in-house products, as the Center is proud to show partnering initiatives.

During this site-visit, we in will be shareing with you our thoughts about Samsung and how to improve accessibility, efficiency and quality of Healthcare. We will discuss new and upcoming initiatives in this area and invite you to engage in the discussion.

What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction: About Samsung as a coorporation
  • How Samsung is focusing on Healthcare: products and partner solutions - you may be offered a suprise speaker!
  • Guided Tour in the Samsung Executive Briefing Center
  • Discussions and wrap-up
  • Get together / Network (lunch or Drinks)

Non-disclosure: the is a photographing restriction on site. Upon request, Samsung is happy to provide you with photograpic materials.

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